Established in 2009 and headquartered in Qingdao, KingAgroot is a scientific innovation company that dedicates to improving efficiency and quality of world agriculture production from two aspects, herbicide new compound development and gene-editing breeding, hoping to make our own contribution to the security of world food supply.

Standing on China and embracing the world, KingAgroot is working on providing the most complete solutions from new compounds to gene-editing breeding to resistant weed problems in widely planted crops in the world, such as rice, wheat, corn, soybean, peanut, orchard, vegetable, etc.

Research and development is the belief of everyone in KingAgroot. In terms of compound invention, KingAgroot’s innovation team has successfully developed 4 HPPD inhibitors: Cypyrafluone(环吡氟草酮)、Bipyrazone(双唑草酮)、Tripyrasulfone(三唑磺草酮)、Fenpyrazone(苯唑氟草酮). By the end of July 2019, KingAgroot has filed 108 national invention patents (including 32 authorized ones) and 84 PCT patents (including 4 authorized ones), accumulatively entering 79 country (region)-time.

Kingagroot in Chinese means “Qingyuan”, from the idiom "radically reform", means to solve the problem fundamentally, thus we developed company philosophy as :


To build a world without famine by exploring life-science


To be an innovation engine of weeding science globally


Spirits of contract, Independent-thinking, Innovation-driven, Value-creating

Brand Language

除草科学 清原农冠® Ask Science for Life