What’s New

KingAgroot to launch Tripyrasulfone(三唑磺草酮) and Fenpyrazone(苯唑氟草酮) products in China upon completion of registration review

KingAgroot’s New Innovation Center Launched its Construction

KingAgroot’s Huai’an Manufacturing Base will be Completed and Put into Use

KingAgroot’s Cypyrafluone(环吡氟草酮) field demonstration is successfully accepted by national key R&D project plan

Research Innovation Achievements

KingAgroot concentrates on weeding science in agriculture and dedicates to resolving weed resistance problems fundamentally from two dimensions: new compound invention and gene editing, contributing to world food supply security.

New compound invention

Searching new structure compounds is the only way to solve weed resistance problems.

Non-transgenic gene editing

Breeding herbicide-resistant seeds through non-transgenic gene editing is an alternative way for resistant management.

Bioassay & resistance research

Exploring optimal formulation and application techniques targeting resistant weed seeds.

Latest research results

Cypyrafluone(环吡氟草酮), Bipyrazone(双唑草酮), Tripyrasulfone(三唑磺草酮) and Fenpyrazone(苯唑氟草酮) have filed international patents.

Weeding Scientist

KingAgroot launched the “Weeding Scientist” activity to improve people’s awareness of weeds, understanding of weed resistance and knowing of how to use the most scientific approach to control resistant weeds so as to delay resistance development.

"An ordinary person can also be a scientist in his/her own field as long as he/she takes things seriously. KingAgroot will elect “Weeding Scientists” in honor of those “serious ordinary people” in the field of resistant weed control."