Company Profile

Established in 2009, Kingagroot is a professional enterprise which devotes itself to integrated weed resistance management and concentrates on R&D of resistant weed management since its founding. Currently, the company has more than 70 researchers who are distributed in fields of design & synthesis of new compounds, process optimization, preparation research, bioassay as well as biotechnology. With perfect bioassay greenhouse (2000 square meters), phytotron, illumination incubator, complete biotechnology laboratory, preparation R&D center and synthesis & process laboratory, the company has more than 4,000 square meters R&D laboratory in total and over 70 research staffs.

Through nearly 8 year’s of effort, four novel herbicide compounds of Kingagroot has entered registration process in China. Particularly worth mentioning is 环吡氟草酮 which is the world's first multi-resistant grass herbicide that safe to wheat (The herbicide can effectively control ALS- and ACCase-resistant Alopecurus aequalis, Alopecurus japonicus, and Alopecurus myosuroides, etc.) and 三唑磺草酮 which is a high-effective multi-resistant barnyard grass herbicide that safe to rice. They are creative R&D products of Kingagroot.

In the future, Kingagroot will expand its investment in non-transgenic crop breeding and biotechnology R&D and gradually establish new non-transgenic herbicide-resistant crops to cope with the growing problems of main multi-resistant weeds.