KingAgroot, founded in 2009 and headquartered in Qingdao, China, is a world leading agricultural biotech company. We are committed to improving the efficiency and quality of world agricultural production from two aspects: new pesticide innovation and biotech breeding, hoping to make contributions to world food security.

Our Chinese name “清原” comes from the idiom of “正本清源”, which encourages our team to proceed from the essence of things and solve key agro-science problems fundamentally.

Currently, KingAgroot has the fifth largest crop science R&D team in the world with about 1000 R&D staff. We have built >70,000 sqm of R&D labs, and operates various greenhouses with an area of >100,000 sqm. KingAgroot Innovation Center is equipped with all-round chemical and biotech experimental facilities, wherein the large-scale instruments are valued at > 100 million RMB. With 15 years of unremitting development, three global-leading platforms have already taken shape in KingAgroot, namely new pesticide innovation platform, biotech trait development platform and commercial breeding platform.

In terms of new pesticide innovation, KingAgroot has successfully commercialized 7 patented compounds, namely Cypyrafluone, Bipyrazone, Tripyrasulfone, Fenpyrozone, Flufenoximacil, Fluchloraminopyr-tefuryl and Flusulfinam.

In terms of biotech trait development, KingAgroot utilizes biotechniques including gene modification and gene editing to confer seeds with new traits. As to GM field, KingAgroot has developed Flufenoximacil and Fluchloraminopyr-tefuryl tolerant traits and filed patents around the world. We have also developed various new insect/disease resistant traits and new techniques. All the new techniques and new traits have filed patents. As to gene editing field, KingAgroot has developed two proprietary techniques, Cas9-mediated sequential editing (CSE) and gene knock-up (KSE). The seeds of corn, soybean, cotton, canola and sugarbeet with herbicide tolerance, insect resistance and disease resistance will soon be commercialized in China and around the world to greatly improve global agricultural productivity.

As of March 2023, KingAgroot has patented 248 China national inventions (110 granted) and 123 PCT international inventions; accumulatively 1,245 patents entered different countries under PCT or the Paris Convention route, among which accumulatively 188 granted.