KingAgroot will attend the 18th AgroChemEx

KingAgroot  清原农冠   Oct.11, 2018

2018 AgroChemEx to be held in Shanghai
from 16th~18th Oct.

The 2018 AgroChemEx (ACE) will be held on Oct.16th-18th, 2018 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. KingAgroot will participate as an exhibitor.

Huanbifucaotong and Shuangzuocaotong invented by KingAgroot just got registration in August 2018 in China. Huanbifucaotong is the world’s first HPPD-inhibiting herbicide to control grass weeds in wheat and also the only solution for the current multi-resistant grass weeds both in China and the world. Shuangzuocaotong is a new generation HPPD-inhibiting herbicide to control broadleaf weeds in wheat, with wider spectrum and better efficacy. The two compounds is of extraordinary significance for global wheat planting.

Huanbifucaotong and Shuangzuocaotong, patented in more than 50 countries around the world, will enter Europe, America, South Asia, Oceania, Africa and other markets in the future.

In addition, Sanzuohuangcaotong and Benzuofucaotong, the other two patent compounds invented by KingAgroot, are expected to be registered in China next year.

From October 16th to 18th, KingAgroot will attend 2018 ACE exhibition with the four new patented compounds. Welcome to H1B25 to understand more.

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