KingAgroot to launch Tripyrasulfone(三唑磺草酮) and Fenpyrazone(苯唑氟草酮) products in China upon completion of registration review

KingAgroot  清原农冠   Jan.01, 2020

On December 2, 2019, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People's Republic of China announced a list of pesticide products to be approved for registration, comprising 17 products based on six new active ingredients, four of which are firstly registered in China. This also includes six pesticide products containing two new active ingredients, Tripyrasulfone(三唑磺草酮) and Fenpyrozone(苯唑氟草酮), which are independently developed by KingAgroot, a Chinese agrochemical company.

Tripyrasulfone(三唑磺草酮)  is a brand new patented compound which is also the world's first HPPD inhibitor herbicide that can be safely applied to the post-emergent stem and leaf treatment of paddy fields to control grassy weeds. It can effectively control barnyard grass resistant to ALS inhibitors and ACCase inhibitors and leptochloa resistant to ACCase inhibitors in paddy fields, and can significantly improve the global rice yield.

With the launch of paddy field herbicides, “Daoyu®”, “Daoguying®” and “Jingjie®”, with Tripyrasulfone as the active ingredient in the spring of 2020, they will function to clear obstacles and guarantee rice planting in China maintains a high and stable yield.

Fenpyrazone(苯唑氟草酮) is the third generation of the HPPD inhibitor herbicide created by KingAgroot for corn planting. Due to its new chemical structure containing fluorine, compared with previous generations of HPPD inhibitors, Fenpyrazone has a more balanced herbicidal spectrum with a more stable effect. It has particularly excellent control effects on green foxtail, crabgrass, barnyard grass, goose grass, etc. Fenpyrazone has no cross resistance for green foxtail, crabgrass, barnyard grass and the like, which are resistant to Nicosulfuron, and is very safe for corn crops. It is an excellent tool for the management of ALS inhibitor resistant weeds. The cornfield herbicide products, “Jinyuying®” and “Jinwenyu®”, with Fenpyrazone as the active ingredient will be introduced in the spring of 2020.

In 2018, the patented herbicide compounds, Cypyrafluone(环吡氟草酮) and Bipyrazone(双唑草酮), of KingAgroot, applicable to wheat fields, were registered and introduced in the market. With the launch of new products in 2020, KingAgroot will provide weed resistance solutions for the planting of rice, corn and wheat, which are the most important food crops in China and the world, in the next 20 years.