Announcement丨Qingdao KingAgroot Resistant Weed Management Co., Ltd. officially renamed as “Qingdao KingAgroot CropScience Co., Ltd.”

KingAgroot  清原农冠   Dec.8, 2022

Honourable partners and industry colleagues:

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With 14-year of entrepreneurial development by focusing on resistant weed management, KingAgroot has become a global-leading herbicide innovation company. Under the joint efforts of 800 R&D staff, KingAgroot now possesses new pesticide R&D capabilities covering herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and regulators, as well as biotech breeding capabilities with transgenic and gene editing techniques as the core. Meanwhile, we have also established a commercial breeding system based on genome data. KingAgroot has formed a comprehensive development model of “pesticide+biotechnology+comercial breeding”, making it the world’s top 5 crop science R&D enterprises with R&D capabilities in both pesticides and biotech breeding.

As KingAgroot enters its 15th year, the company released an official announcement that since Dec 8th, 2022, Qingdao KingAgroot Resistant Weed Management Co., Ltd. officially changed its registered name to “Qingdao KingAgroot CropScience Co., Ltd.”.

In the future, KingAgroot CropScience will continuously take up the mission of “Ask science for life to relieve global hunger”, and insist on science & technology innovation to improve agricultural productivity. Our aim is to provide more innovative pesticides and crop varieties with herbicide tolerance, insect resistance and disease resistance for growers and help them to achieve greater harvests on limited lands, thus offering support to achieve food self-sufficiency in China as soon as possible. KingAgroot CropScience will join hands with partners to booster future development of agriculture and make contributions to safeguard global food security as a Chinese company.