“CAE Academicians’ Trip in Heilongjiang”: KingAgroot field day of tripyrasulfone and flusulfinam to control resistant weeds in Northeast China rice fields

KingAgroot  清原农冠   Jul.31, 2022

On July 26th, Doctor Bai Lianyang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), party secretary of the Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and others visited the demonstration fields of KingAgroot® as the activity of “CAE Academicians’ Trip in Heilongjiang” came to Acheng District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. The delegation observed the excellent performance of KingAgroot’s new patented compounds tripyrasulfone and flusulfinam in paddy fields in Northeast China, and highly valued the weed control effect and crop safety. More than 30 rice growers and agricultural-product dealers from Heilongjiang province also attended the field trip.

It is reported that the activity of “CAE Academicians’ Trip in Heilongjiang” is jointly sponsored by the Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The survey is carried out by more than 30 academicians focusing on modern agriculture, intelligent manufacturing and energy security. In agriculture, the activity centers on several topics, including building national granaries in Northeast China, controlling weeds in grain fields in Northeast China scientifically and precisely, and safeguarding the strategic needs of national food and ecological security. A series of events such as scientific and technological forums, discussions between enterprises and academicians, visiting scientific and technological achievements, inspecting manufacturing plants, and on-site training are scheduled to offer advice and suggestions for agricultural development in Heilongjiang and speed up industrial upgrading, to protect the “bedrock” of national food security.

KingAgroot’s field day is an important part of the activity. Doc. Bai and others, along with more than 30 rice growers and agricultural-product dealers, visited KingAgroot’s field demonstration of new patented compounds tripyrasulfone and flusulfinam for precision control of resistant weeds.

Bai Lianyang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (the second person on the front line)

Wang Zhitian, the Northeast Region technology development manager of KingAgroot, first introduced the basic information of the test fields and the excellent performance of tripyrasulfone and flusulfinam against resistant barnyardgrass (Echinochloa crus-galli) and late watergrass (Echinochloa phyllopogon) by aerial application. Then, he further introduced the specific control effect of tripyrasulfone and flusulfinam on noxious weeds in Northeast China, including barnyardgrass (Echinochloa crus-galli), southern cutgrass (Leersia hexandra), rock bulrush (Schoenoplectus juncoides), common water-plantain (Alisma plantago-aquatica), three-leaf arrowhead (Sagittaria trifolia), etc.

Doc. Bai said, weed resistance has been continuously developing in recent years, and currently, chemical control is still the most practical and effective way to solve the problem. In this case, the development of safe and efficient green herbicides and relevant application technology is particularly important in agriculture.

“At present, most of the weeds have evolved resistance to currently existing ALS-and ACCase- inhibiting herbicides. However, tripyrasulfone and flusulfinam are HPPD inhibitors with new modes of action, both of them have excellent efficacy and safety, and meet the production demands. I hope KingAgroot will soon provide farmers with better products and services!” Doc. Bai said.

Field demonstration of weed control effect

Since launching four patented compounds, tripyrasulfone, cypyrafluone, bipyrazone and fenpyrozone, KingAgroot has been offering solutions to weed control problems for tens of millions of farmers, and our products are highly recognized in the market.

Field demonstration of weed control effect

Field demonstration of weed control effect

In the coming years, KingAgroot will commercialize at least six novel patented compounds, namely fluchloraminopyr-tefuryl, flusulfinam, flufenoximacil, 溴噁草松 (xiuecaosong/KAI-172402), 噁唑草啶 (ezuocaoding/KAI-162573) and 甲氧嘧草肟 (jiayangmicaowo/KAI-177022), covering different product segments of non-selective, soybean, wheat, rice, corn and burndown herbicides to fulfill our commitment of “re-inventing herbicides”. KingAgroot will make continuous efforts to become the innovation engine of global agricultural biotechnology, and make contributions to safeguarding national and global food security.