KingDraw PC version is online!

KingAgroot  清原农冠   Sep. 01, 2018

KingDraw PC version is published!KingDraw PC version is published!

Since the release of KingDraw APP several months ago, it received unanimous praise from the industry. We are honored to do our part for the chemistry research work. KingDraw APP has made a creative note-taking platform for chemists. However, we have not stopped the effort after that. Now we are going to launch KingDraw for Windows version. We will build KingDraw into a chemist's exclusive work station through a complete software tool system.

So what are the features of KingDraw for window's version? Let’s have a look!

1.KingDraw for Windows is still free;

2.Link with KingDraw APP through cloud storage;

3.Rapid and fluent with complete functions;

4.The unlimited test of KingDraw will be opened on 1st Sep. 2018.

During the test, 90% functions will be opened, including but not limited to:

1.Drawing of basic structures (such as single bond, double bond, wedge bond, etc.);

2.Drawing of flow charts and frequently-used non-standard structures and transform operation of completed graphs;

3.Miscellaneous functions;

4.Basic operation of documents.

Welcome to download and use KingDraw APP and KingDraw for Windows version on our official website (