KingAgroot published a drawing software!What is going on?

KingAgroot  清原农冠   Apr. 13, 2018

Is it worthwhile to raise a cow for drinking milk?

It depends. If the cow can be bought everywhere, of course it is not necessary. But if there are only a few cows in the world, and the milk produced by those cows is not appetizing? It is certainly necessary to raise cattle.

KingAgroot encountered the same problem in their process of compound creation.

Compound creation is just like painting. Chemists have to conceive many compounds every day. When the inspiration hits, they must draw them immediately and accurately, then slowly polish, verify, recombine and finally enter the test. However, there is no suitable compound recording software for a long time. A few software such as ChemDraw can only be used on PCs. What's worse, due to the different thinking logic between Chinese people and the foreigners, it is very inconvenient to use. There is also a software called InDraw in China, but it is too light weight for web pages and cannot undertake large and complex tasks.

A creative note-taking mobile application KingDraw (Chinese temporary name: 清笔) come into being.

Ever since, KingAgroot firmly believes that the use of interdisciplinary technologies such as computer technology, big data and artificial intelligence is an effective way to help new chemical companies improve their efficiency. Therefore, “Qingdao KingAgroot Precision Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd.” was established, which is specially developed to serve chemical research and development. KingDraw software is a masterpiece.

Taking into account the vigorous development of innovation in the domestic fields of medicine, agrochemicals, polymer materials, etc., KingAgroot decided to add new strength to China's innovation, and will open this software freely to all chemists who are working on innovation.

Name: KingDraw (Chinese name: 清笔).

Introduction: It is a chemical structure editing APP that allows chemists to record their inspirations anytime and any where.

Development background:

As we all know, with the pace of modern life is getting faster and faster, the use of fragmented time has become a new fashion. From entertainment to office, more and more traditional working methods are transforming into mobile. As for the drawing and editing of chemical structure, it has become a basic requirement to work by PC and mobile. Due to the strong professionalism and high R&D threshold, all the well-known foreign softwares like ChemDraw can only be used on PCs. There is a lack of professional structural drawing APP in the world. Through collaborative work of chemical researchers and Internet researchers in KingAgroot, we finally completed the world's first, professional mobile-side chemical structure editor.

With the original intention of striving for the advancement of the chemical industry, KingDraw is fully free for chemists.From then on, the chemical structure can be used to drawn on the mobile phone anytime and anywhere, just like taking pictures. What’s more, we will continue to add more related functions as well as more drawing modes based on this published version and fully realize the seamless connection between APP and PC, from mobile phone to computer. Our goal is to finally complete the chemical structure editing with mobile phone, providing powerful software support for chemical research work.

Features of the current version:

1.Independently developed, support both Android and iOS;

2.Use for free;

3.Support various frequently-used chemical structures;

4.Including searching function for periodic table of elements, computing of chemical structure molecular abundance and other common chemical tools;

5.Flexible switch of several operation modes and more adaptable for mobile operations;

Updating of future versions:

1.Support cloud storage and save inspirations whenever and wherever possible;

2.Support beautify and formatting of chemical structures;

3.Support data synchronization of multi-ends and interconnection between PC and mobile terminals;

4.Support format transformation and mapping to satisfy multi-software coordination;

5.Support chemical structure searching and picture recognition.

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