Novel Compound R&D Center

Novel Compound R&D Center has a leading compound creation team in China pesticide industry. We have been researching new compound innovation & synthesis, 14C radiolabelling, process optimization and other fields to continuously discover green compounds with new MoAs and structures in order to cope with rapidly evolving weed resistance problems and promote sustainable development of agriculture.

At present, the team is able to independently conduct labelling position selection, synthetic pathway design & optimization and final product purification & analysis. Meanwhile, a wide range of 14-radiolabeled compounds can be used, including common carboxyl label and others such as benzene ring label, pyridine ring label, isoxazole ring label, pyrazole ring label, furfuralcohol ring label and other heterocyclic ring labels.

Novel Compound R&D Center is well equipped with advanced R&D equipment, for example, liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LCMS), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), liquid chromatography (LC), gas chromatography (GC), flash chromatography, microwave reactor, low temperature reactor and other R&D equipment.

After more than a decade of exploration and research, KingAgroot has successfully commercialized 4 patented compounds in China, namely Cypyrafluone, Bipyrazone, Tripyrasulfone, Fenpyrozone. Another three new pesticides (Flufenoximacil, Fluchloraminopyr-tefuryl and Flusulfinam) have been approved in Cambodia and other countries and are expected to be commercialized in China around 2024.

New compounds such as Broclozone, Fuxiucaomi, Ezuofuchong’an, Jiayangmicaowo and E’zuocaoding have been advanced to development stage, which will provide more solutions for the sustainable development of global agriculture.