Synthesis Center

KingAgroot Synthesis Center has a high level compound creation team, mainly studies new herbicide discovery & synthesis and process chemistry (technique research).

The synthesis center dedicates to designing and synthesizing of new compounds. After screening out compounds with herbicide activity in bioassay center, then the synthesis center will modify and derive the structure to obtain new herbicides with better selectivity, high efficiency, low toxicity and less persistence.

With mature organic synthesis platforms and the introduction of world-class microtube reactor, the synthesis center can better play its team advantage and greatly improve scientific research efficiency. The synthesis center will continuously provide innovation energy for KingAgroot.

Up to now, KingAgroot Synthesis Center has successfully created 4 novel compounds with both commercial and social values, which are Cypyrafluone(环吡氟草酮),Bipyrazone(双唑草酮), Tripyrasulfone(三唑磺草酮) and Fenpyrazone(苯唑氟草酮). The synthesis center has large quantities of compound resources and large amounts of compounds are added to the compound library every year. These compounds are the basic resources to solve resistant weed problems in terms of creating herbicides with new modes of action.