Synthetic chemists (20 people)

Job responsibilities:

1. Complete the exploration of new synthetic routes and innovation of new compounds with the project group or team members;

2. Arrange & summarize literatures and test records in both Chinese and English;

3. Have the ability of discover and solve various work-related problems.

Job requirements:

1. Major in organic synthesis or medicinal chemistry, master degree or above (both overseas returnees or domestic students are OK );

2. Previous experience in related industry is a plus;

3. Successful practical medicinal development background is preferred;

4. Basic ability to communicate in English (including phone call, e-mail, report, etc.)

Overseas pesticide registration supervisor/manager (1 people)

Job responsibilities:

1. Collect, arrange and edit registration data according to different registration requirements of different countries;

2. Collect registration data, including COA, MSDS, product bullet, product instruction, spectrum, etc. and translate into English;

3. Search and collect related registration data through the internet, mainly including product’s physical-chemical property, toxicology, residue, effect, environmental & ecological information and full composition analysis report, etc.;

4. Handle pesticide overseas registration documents, deal with ICAMA in the MOA and document certification in the CCPIT;

5. Pay attention to any changes in pesticide related regulations and pesticide registration policy both at home and abroad, learn about pesticide market information both at home and abroad.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, agricultural related majors such as agronomy, plant protection, etc. or other majors such as foreign language, international trade, etc.;

2. Have two years of overseas product registration experience in chemistry or pesticide industry;

3. Language and skill requirements: have basic ability to write and speak English (CET 6 or above), be able to read relevant professional literatures fluently, be able to search, translate and arrange English registration data;

4. Good responsibility and professional integrity; strong learning initiative.

Domestic pesticide registration specialist (3 people)

Job responsibilities:

1. Submit applications for new certificates or renew certificates according to company demands;

2. Keep up with new provisions that required by national policies or regulations for products;

3. Handle with checking and verification work for new product application;

4. Deal with onsite evaluation work for product license and new application for product license;

5. Training for relevant staff about new policies and regulations related to company products.

Job requirements:

1. Plant protection, biology or other related majors, bachelor degree or above, fresh graduates researched pesticide toxicology or environmental impact are preferred;

2. Open personality, proactive and hard working spirit;

3. Have strong ability of data searching and editing;

4. Good communication and coordination ability, complete all work on time actively;

5. Experience in pesticide certification application is preferred.

Patent analyst (1 people)

Job responsibilities:

1. Take part in patent novelty-checking and retrieving, infringement search, invalidation search, technology feature search, patent analysis, etc.;

2. Analyze and research the technology information from multiple dimensions, design evaluation index of patent analysis;

3. Participate in company’s patent allocation plan, follow and analyze the allocation situation of competitors;

4. Assist in patent applying and patent writing, etc.

Job requirements:

1. Master degree or above, relevant majors such as chemistry or biological medicine are preferred;

2. Three years of relevant working experience, familiar with patent searching and other patent related skills;

3. Good listening, reading, speaking and writing ability in English.

Accountant (1 people)

Job responsibilities:

1. Business accounting of sales company’s account receivable module (deal with expenses as well as commodity delivering, returning and adjusting, etc.), recording of sales accounts;

2. Calculate individual profit contribution of salesmen, collect and calculate performance information;

3. Check accounts with salesmen, settle accounts with customers at the end of the year;

4. Audit and monitor the expenses of sales company, check selling expenses;

5. Other responsibilities assigned by superior.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above with the major of accounting or financial management;

2. A junior accountant title or other financial certificates will be better;

3. Be familiar with office software is a plus.

Recruitment supervisor (2 people)

Job responsibilities:

1. Social recruitment: conduct recruiting work according to the group’s monthly recruiting plans and responsible for the recruitment result;

2. Campus recruitment: participate in making campus recruiting projects, lead the team to accomplish campus recruitment (campus talking, double-channel choosing meeting, etc.) and follow-up the above events;

3. Daily work: maintain existing recruitment channels and explore other channels to accumulate human resources; responsible for the implementation of detailed recruitment exercises; organize discriminating, screening, pre-employment test and other relevant work; responsible for the employer’s probation period management work and summarize & evaluate the recruiting result.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree with related major of human resource or headcounter background is preferred; recruiting experience in large CRO enterprise is a plus;

2. Familiar with online and offline recruiting channels, be able to accomplish job recruiting task independently;

3. Good communication and analytical ability;

4. Be able to take occasional business trips.

Sales management trainee (50 people)

Job responsibilities:

Product publicity and promotion, maintenance and development of marketing channels;

Job requirements:

Bachelor or master degree, agricultural pharmacology, plant protection, horticulture, resources and environment, chemistry and relevant majors, willing to travel often;

Salary treatment:

8,500-10,000 yuan/month (no responsibility base salary 4800+ travel allowance) + annual performance commission



Bioassay researchers (15 people )

Job responsibilities:

Laboratory bioassay experiment of compound, field efficacy experiment, cultivation and management of experimental materials.

Job requirements:

Master degree, major in agronomy, pesticide science, plant protection, crop science, grass science, horticulture, medicinal botany, ecology, etc.

Salary treatment:

Master's degree students, 5,500-7,000 yuan/month + monthly performance pay + annual performance bonus.


Huangdao district, Qingdao city (free accommodation)

Process researchers (20)

Job responsibilities:

Develop the small test process, the pilot test process and the production process of the corresponding products, and complete the corresponding debugging, provide operating procedures

Job requirements:

Bachelor's degree, master's degree, doctor's degree, major in chemistry, etc.

Salary treatment:

Undergraduate, 5,000-6,000 yuan/month + monthly performance pay + annual performance bonus.

Master's degree, 8000-12,000 yuan/month + monthly performance pay + annual performance bonus.

Doctoral student, by appointment.


Huangdao district, Qingdao city (free accommodation)/huai 'an, jiangsu province (free accommodation)

Analysis researcher (10 persons)

Job responsibilities:

Residue analysis of new drugs in plants, soil and water;

Separation, purification and identification of impurities in new drugs; Metabolism of new drugs in plants

Job requirements:

Bbachelor degree, major in chemistry, etc

Salary treatment:

Undergraduate, 4000-5000 yuan/month + annual performance bonus


Huangdao district, Qingdao city (free accommodation)/huai 'an, jiangsu province (free accommodation)

Financial management trainee (5 persons)

Job responsibilities:

Financial operation analysis, cost budget control, tax audit, etc

Job requirements:

Bachelor degree, master degree, major in financial management, accounting, auditing, tax, etc

Salary treatment:

Undergraduate, 4000-6000 yuan/month + annual performance bonus.

Master's degree, 6000-8000 yuan/month + annual performance bonus


Huangdao district, Qingdao city/huaian city, jiangsu province (free accommodation)

Production management trainee (15 employees)

Job responsibilities:

Production statistics and summary;

Coordinators, machines, materials, methods, and rings operate in an efficient and coordinated manner;

Grasp the production delivery time, follow up the workshop production task and grasp the production capacity

Job requirements:

Bachelor's degree, master's degree, major in chemical, electrical, environmental, mechanical, safety, etc

Salary treatment:

Undergraduate students, 4000-4500 yuan/month + annual performance bonus

Master's degree, 5000-7000 yuan/month + annual performance bonus


Huai 'an, jiangsu (free accommodation)

Benefits and subsidies:

1. Six insurances and one housing fund, length of service allowance, lunch allowance, telephone expense allowance, full attendance award; Provide accommodation, staff health check-up, paid annual leave, birthday benefits, five-year contribution award, etc.

2. According to relevant policies of Qingdao, undergraduates can enjoy 500 yuan/month, master students can enjoy 1000 yuan/month, and doctoral students 1500 yuan/month. In addition, master students can receive one-time family expenses of 100,000 yuan/person, and doctoral students can receive one-time family expenses of 150,000 yuan/person.

3. Receive party organization relations, registered permanent residence and archives.

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