Synthetic chemists(6 person)


1. Complete the exploration of new synthetic routes and innovation of new compounds with the project group or team members;

2. Summarize test records and document literatures in Chinese and English;

3. Have the ability to identify and solve various work-related problems.


1. Master’s degree or above in organic synthesis or pharmaceutical chemistry is required (both from overseas or domestic universities or other units are welcome);

2. Previous experience in related industry is a plus;

3. Successfully practical medicinal development background is preferred;

Overseas pesticide registration supervisor/manager (1 person)


1. Collect, sort and edit registration data according to different registration requirements of different countries;

2. Collect registration data, including COA, MSDS, product bullet, product instruction, spectrum, etc. and translate into English;

3. Search and collect related registration data through the internet, including product’s physical-chemical property, toxicology, residue, effect, environmental & ecological information and full composition analysis report, etc.;

4. Prepare pesticide overseas registration documents, deal with ICAMA in the MOA and document certification in the CCPIT;

5. Monitor and track any changes in pesticide related regulations and pesticide registration policy both in China and abroad, learn about pesticide market information both in China and abroad.


1. Bachelor’s degree or above, in agriculture-related majors such as agronomy, plant protection, etc. or other majors such as foreign language, international trade, etc.;

2. At least two years of overseas product registration experience in chemistry or pesticide industry;

3. Language and skill requirements: have basic ability to write and speak English (CET 6 or above), be able to read relevant professional literatures fluently, be able to search, translate and prepare English registration data;

4. Good responsibility and professional integrity; strong learning initiative.

14C labeling synthetic chemist(1 person)


1. Search literatures, draw up synthetic routes,implement 14C labelling experiments and have 14C labelled compounds;

2. Write testing reports and technical files;

3. Complete other jobs assigned.


1. Have hands-on experience in 14C labelling compound synthesis and be able to read chemical literatures proficiently;

2. Have deep interest in chemical research,professionalism and self-motivation, overcome challenges and possess certain organizational ability;

EHS engineer(1 Person)


1. Take the responsibility of safety and environmental protection in KingAgroot Innovation Center;

2. Plan, implement and improve safety production regulations and safety management system;

3. Organize and carry-out regular safety training and contingency plan drilling;

4. Safeguard safety of field equipments and maintenance of fire-fighting equipments in the Innovation Center;

5. Be involved in the evaluation and improvement of site security and environmental risks;

6. Supervise working staffs to follow fire-fighting, drug/poison and occupational disease-prevention related regulations;

7. Coordinate with related governmental departments to complete safety and environmental protection supervision and inspection.


1. College degree or above, major in in safety and environmental protection;

2. At least 2 years working experience in safety production management in chemical enterprise;

3. Familiar with the safety technology of chemical production process;

4. Have the qualification certificate of safety engineer;

5. Good communication skills, moral characters and professional ethics.

Research Scientist for Surfactant(1 person)


Engage in the research of surfactants in new pesticide formulations.


1. Doctor’s degree, fresh or previous graduates major in R&D of surfactant;

2. Deep interest in surfactant research and entrepreneur spirit overcoming difficulties and possessing certain organizational ability.

Sales management trainee (50 people)


Product publicity and promotion, maintenance and development of marketing channels;


Bachelor or master degree, agricultural pharmacology, plant protection, horticulture, resources and environment, chemistry and relevant majors, willing to travel often;

Salary treatment:

8,500-10,000 yuan/month (no responsibility base salary 4800+ travel allowance) + annual performance commission



Bioassay researchers (15 people )


Laboratory bioassay experiment of compound, field efficacy experiment, cultivation and management of experimental materials.


Master degree, major in agronomy, pesticide science, plant protection, crop science, grass science, horticulture, medicinal botany, ecology, etc.

Salary treatment:

Master's degree students, 5,500-7,000 yuan/month + monthly performance pay + annual performance bonus.


Huangdao district, Qingdao city (free accommodation)

Process researchers (20)


Develop the small test process, the pilot test process and the production process of the corresponding products, and complete the corresponding debugging, provide operating procedures


Bachelor's degree, master's degree, doctor's degree, major in chemistry, etc.

Salary treatment:

Undergraduate, 5,000-6,000 yuan/month + monthly performance pay + annual performance bonus.

Master's degree, 8000-12,000 yuan/month + monthly performance pay + annual performance bonus.

Doctoral student, by appointment.


Huangdao district, Qingdao city (free accommodation)/huai 'an, jiangsu province (free accommodation)

Analysis researcher (10 persons)


Residue analysis of new drugs in plants, soil and water;

Separation, purification and identification of impurities in new drugs; Metabolism of new drugs in plants


Bbachelor degree, major in chemistry, etc

Salary treatment:

Undergraduate, 4000-5000 yuan/month + annual performance bonus


Huangdao district, Qingdao city (free accommodation)/huai 'an, jiangsu province (free accommodation)

Financial management trainee (5 persons)


Financial operation analysis, cost budget control, tax audit, etc


Bachelor degree, master degree, major in financial management, accounting, auditing, tax, etc

Salary treatment:

Undergraduate, 4000-6000 yuan/month + annual performance bonus.

Master's degree, 6000-8000 yuan/month + annual performance bonus


Huangdao district, Qingdao city/huaian city, jiangsu province (free accommodation)

Production management trainee (15 employees)


Production statistics and summary;

Coordinators, machines, materials, methods, and rings operate in an efficient and coordinated manner;

Grasp the production delivery time, follow up the workshop production task and grasp the production capacity


Bachelor's degree, master's degree, major in chemical, electrical, environmental, mechanical, safety, etc

Salary treatment:

Undergraduate students, 4000-4500 yuan/month + annual performance bonus

Master's degree, 5000-7000 yuan/month + annual performance bonus


Huai 'an, jiangsu (free accommodation)

Benefits and subsidies:

1. Six insurances and one housing fund, length of service allowance, lunch allowance, telephone expense allowance, full attendance award; Provide accommodation, staff health check-up, paid annual leave, birthday benefits, five-year contribution award, etc.

2. According to relevant policies of Qingdao, undergraduates can enjoy 500 yuan/month, master students can enjoy 1000 yuan/month, and doctoral students 1500 yuan/month. In addition, master students can receive one-time family expenses of 100,000 yuan/person, and doctoral students can receive one-time family expenses of 150,000 yuan/person.

3. Receive party organization relations, registered permanent residence and archives.

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